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Bosston 8310 Wired Gaming Keyboard & Mouse

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Bosston 8310 Wired Gaming Keyboard & Mouse

With laser-engraved characters, the color does not fade easily and is comfortable

The keyboard will be instantly dazzling with colorful LED rainbow lighting

The key characters adopt UV technology, which is clear and vivid, durable and wear-resistant

The Wired Mouse 3D non-slip roller, quick response and accurate click with colorful LED breathing night vision which makes your gaming experience exhilarating

Ergonomic design , fast capture, accurate click

USB interface, without having to install any drivers, plug and play easily

This Bosston 8310 Wired Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo (Black) comes with packaging (Brand New)

Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 57 × 19 × 5 cm


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