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H-880 Black USB Wired Keyboard (Black)

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H-880 Black USB Wired Keyboard (Black)

Wired USB interface

Coarse grain frosted texture design

Keycap using black laser material injection molding, which helps improve the durability of the printed word keyboard , the keycap designed to prolong service life

Unique mute technology to effectively reduce the keyboard noise when in use to created a quiet working enviornment for you

Great for heavy usage workers, durable and easy to use

Number of keys: 104 keys

Connection with computer: wired

Computer Keyboard, Laptop Keyboard, PC Keyboard

English Letters

This product does not include a mouse

This H-880 Black USB Wired Keyboard (Black) comes with packaging (Brand New)

Additional information

Weight 475 g
Dimensions 46 × 15 × 4 cm


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